Displaying Bundle Products Individually with Prices in Sales Order and Invoice

I’ve encountered an issue where the individual items within the bundle are correctly listed in the packing list but do not appear as separate items with their prices on the printed invoice. This makes it challenging for customers to see a clear breakdown of their purchase.

Is there a way to configure ERPNext to display the products within a bundle individually, along with their respective prices, in both the sales order and invoice documents? Ideally, the price for each item should be taken from their respective prices, providing a comprehensive total for the entire product.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @mrgeorge,
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Let’s look at the purpose of the Product Bundle, It is the feature built for the Kitting Process.
The Sole objective is to buy and stock the individual items separately but sell them as a set/kit/bundle/group.

So when you are not selling them individually then there is no purpose in having a sales price of individual items, right? The Value is of the bundle, not the individual item.

Think about it!

But if you really want something like this, this can be achieved using some customisation.


Thanks for your answer, I think that I was not getting the concept of what is a Product bundle. Thank you!

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so then what is the best way using the user interface (as in no automation through scripts or API) to batch-include multiple items in a sales order or invoice? i think of a product bundle in the same way i think of an item group in quickbooks. clearly the response here demonstrates my thinking was wrong, however my want is correct. batch include, zero customization. based on the answers provided here so far, there is no solution. so what is the best way, absent customization?