Displaying Student Log for Parents

I want to display all the logs of the student when parent view the page. Scenario is as follows.

  1. Parent Logs In
  2. They see all their kids list
  3. Parent click on one of the kids link
  4. Parents view Student Log(which is shared with parent) in read only format.

Note : Parent shall not be able to view of the other students in any way.

How to implement this logic. Any suggestion.


You should apply restriction on the Parent’s Role on all the Doctype, and define User Permission based on Student. With this, when parent logs in, they will only be able to see data for their kid/Student.

I have already done this. But parent is able to see all the student. Is it possible to give permission record level?

Thanks. I am able to do it. Able to set student level permission.

I am able to set permission student level by going to " User Permission Manager". I have one more problem. This page gives me text box to type user name, doctype, and record(student in this case). But record textbox is listing down all the student. So one has to know which studnent are kids of particular parent. How can i make listing down only student who are their kids.