Distance to VPS


I was reading this post about system requirements, including distance to your VPS

In here it mentions that many ERPNext transactions are traffic intense and that it will be
a benefit to have your VPS closer rather than further from you. I was just wondering if someone can give an opinion about “How far is to-far” in terms of ping-response. I am 14000 km away from my VPS server, ping response just over 300mSek. If I ping one of the VPS hosting companies closer , I get about 5 mSek

Some guidance would be appreciated ! Thanks

Thumb rule. Go with the one that has least ping time. Most probably within the country would be the one. Sometimes a VPS in another country can be faster than the one in your country. It depends on multi factors like VPS speed, kind of hardware being used, your local speed etc. Al,ost all VPS have a method to test their server speed by pinging an IP. Test that as well.

We have found that VPS within our country is to be the fastest. It may differ for you.

Thank you @Muzzy for your time

I am in South Africa and my server is with Digital Ocean. Not because I did some study and decided on them - it just turned out like that. I do however like their service and their billing method. It allows for creating assitional server for testing things without a monthly commitment.

But let me look closer at what is available locally. At this stage I am not running into performance issues and I alos have a small setup compared to the larger setups I read about on the forum - but its worth spemding some time to look at it. I read a thread on this forum that performance is particularly under pressure if you run reports which I am not currently doing …

But if I run reports in the future , I dont want to find myself in trouble.

Thanks again. Best to you.