Distinction between Customer and Company


I’m trying to import some data into ERPNext, but I am having trouble with the structure of data in ERPNext.

I don’t really understanding the difference between a Customer and a Company, does anyone have an example of a use case where the distinction makes sense and is useful?



From ERPNext point of view, Customer is an entity to whom you would
render/offer services and Company is the term given to your organization.

If I’m selling a product to ‘Company A’, would ‘Company A’ be a customer, a company, or both?

My understanding is that it would be both – I would have to create a ‘Company A’ customer and link it to the ‘Company A’ company. What’s the advantage of this approach?

  • Company means name of your organisation,you can give it at the time of setup
  • You can include customer names also at the time of setup
    customer means to whom you will sales product from your company.
  • After completing setup of ERP ,you can see your company name will displayed in 'Company master".


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For some reason I thought ‘Company’ somehow referred to other companies. Thank you for your answer, it’s much clearer now.