Distributing a single line on multiple cost centers in invoice

Hi All

We want to distribute the single line in any financial entry like an invoice, on multiple cost centers. Without adding multiple lines for the same item.

Please Suggest.

You have two solutions to avoid the pain of adding the same data to each line.

1- If your user is supposed to only add one cost center, then the admin should make this cost center Your user’s default cost center, so it will be automatically added to every single field named cost center

2- The Better solution is using “Session Defaults”. when you configure it adding all the fields you want to avoid filling each time, it will automatically fill the fields for you.
It is good to gather all the similar records and fill them in the system in one session defaults settings.
You can edit session defaults from the Settings menu in the image:
and here it is after I edited its setteings:

So How to make form set the cost center as user set in session defaults …?!
I have been trying with Journal Entry form and because it set according to company Doctype Default cost center so it never set it automatically like with branch it get set directly…?!