DNS based multitenancy encounter problem

i follow https://frappe.github.io/frappe/user/en/bench/guides/setup-multitenancy, setup multitenancy in production version and add the second domain name XXX.XXX.com in /etc/hosts file. now i encounter 2 problems.
1.I can access the second site login page through internet, but the default Administrators and pwd ‘admin’ ,doesn’t work, so i can’t login.

2.my first site can’t access anymore.

anyone have idea about it ? thanks in advance.

Try to reset your bench password using, bench set-admin-password “newpasswordhere”

i tried to use ‘bench set-admin-password’ newpwd. command. but i got a message " XXX.XXX.com does not exist".the XXX.XXX.com is my second site. i also used bench use XXX.XXX.com ,problem persist.any idea ? thanks.

i got it . the command should be "bench --site XXX.XXX.com set-admin-password newpwd “.now i can login. i also fixed the first problem by change the first site folder name to first domain name"yyy.yyy.com” .
thanks, Pawan.