DNS-based multitenancy setup issue with database

Hello Frappe Community,

I have been setting up ERPNext with DNS-based multitenancy according to the official documentation. However, I’m encountering an issue where the new site I created (site1.example.com) is still using the database of the default site instead of its own database. Here are the steps I’ve followed:

I have created a new site which is the default site(site1.example.com)

bench config dns_multitenant on To turn on the Multi Tenancy

bench new-site site2.example.com Created another site now

bench setup nginx

sudo service nginx reload

I have added this site to the /etc/hosts

Despite these steps, when accessing site1.example.com, ERPNext continues to use the database of the default site.

Could someone please help me troubleshoot this issue? Are there any additional steps or configurations I might be missing to ensure ERPNext uses the correct database for each site in a DNS-based multitenancy setup?

Thanks in advance!

Please compare your site config for each site. Is the database name unique for each?

cd frappe-bench/sites
diff site1/site_config.json site2/site_config.json
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Hi @balajib.cc:

Check this