DNS multitenancy not working

I have followed the step indicated on this wiki but when i enter the sub-domain in the browser it still redirects me to the subdomain root folder. This is what i did

  • I have created a subdomain on my cpanel
  • i have created a site on my ERPnext bench with the same name as the subdomain
  • i have setup nginx and enable multitenancy
    Is there something i missing to access ERPnext via subdomain hostname

have you tried to restart the nginx?
sudo service nginx restart

Yeah but not much success with that

I think you need to add a DNS “A record” pointing to your server using “Simple Zone Editor” rather than using “Subdomains”, and be sure to delete the previously created subdomain in “Subdomains” first.

I hope this helps you.

And what will happen if i need to add another site to this bench? Means i will need another IP or if i have to use the same address use a different port. Is this really how this is supposed to work? Could anyone kindly enlighten me?