Do changes to document inside on_submit() not got commited?

I added some code that changes the document during on_submit(). Once I submitted the document the form UI was updated with the changes. But when I reloaded the document the changes were gone. Is this a bug or are we not supposed to change the document model in the on_submit() function?

Can you share your code?

Yes. Simply modify file move self.create_remarks() from validate() function into on_submit()

Here’s the link to the code

I recommend you run your custom code on before_submit

Yeah that is fine, I am doing that. But the fact the ERPNext is showing the changes in the UI but not storing the changes is DB can be a problem. If it didn’t show up in the UI then the developer might assume that on_submit( ) is not meant to persist changes, but this current mechanism is either bugged or is just simply misleading.