DO i Need to create item every time to book an expense ..e.g meal. fuel,?

We have to create item every time to book an expense in the related account
e.g, customer entertainment, stationary, utility bills etc

If we ordered a meal for customer or drinks, tea etc, fist i have to create an item as service, and assign respective expense account (in this case Made a new ledger as “Customer Entertainment”)
create supplier and book it via purchase invoice.

in market, other accounting software e.g Quickbooks, allows a simple solution
during making new purchase invoice, u just need to select EXPENSE, and type details and assign expense account in front of it
see image below

here, only a single invoice is generated, appropriate expense accounts are linked and details are mentioned in memo, no item is created, only vendor is created/selected

Multiple items are purchased and booked in a single transaction (purchase invoice)

Please reply with this example below
i went to a petrol pump, there i purchased few things along with petrol for my car, a single invoice was provided to me
items …
Pen Say Rs. 10, Notebook say Rs. 50 > Stationary Expense
Snacks .Say Rs. 20, Drinks Say Rs. 25 > Entertainment/Miscellaneous expense
Diesel XX Litrs, Say Rs.500

Vendor / Supplier … ABC Petroleum

You can directly create a Journal Entry for expenses.

but then i can not post purchase invoice

i was told there is a way using customizing form
setup > customize > item

anybody …?

You can post an expense claim.

how to post an expense claim? @rmehta

Expense Claim is a form under “Human Resource” module. You need at least one of the role between Employee, HR User and HR Manager, to create / access Expense Claim form.

ok, but that needs to assign employee for the expense claim

isnt therer any easy and proper way lke in other softwares, as mentioned above like quickboks, or peachtree, xero, sage 50 etc