Do I need to write codes in the document that I created?

Hi every one,
Do I need to write codes in the document that I created in order to filter the report?
Because I have created the same reports as in erpnext , but the filter in my doctype doesn’t work
Could anyone help me to explain this problem, please?

Any one can help me ,please.

share your report code

SELECT tabMain Center,tabMain Center Dispatch.patient_name,tabMain Center Dispatch.governorate_name,tabMain Center Dispatch.visit_kind,tabMain Center Dispatch.hospital_name
from tabMain Center Dispatch
where tabMain Center and tabMain Center Dispatch.governorate_name=%(governorate_name)s and tabMain Center Dispatch.hospital_name=%(hospital_name)s
and tabMain Center Dispatch.visit_kind=%(visit_kind)s

When filter for company or visit_kind it’s working fine ,
but when filter for governorate_name and hospital_name it’s not working

is this a script report or query report?

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it’s query report

Thank You bro,
I solved problem using Script Report