Do the erpnext support retrospective reports?

I would like to generate a retrospective reports for Sales Order, is it possible?


Are you looking for report for all Sales Orders, by Date or a history of activity of each Sales Order?

Report View in Sales Order List can be used to construct the former, try Version Report for each Sales Order.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
For example: Let, at 2023-08-14 there was 10 Sales Order having 7 Open and 3 Closed
and at 2023-08-15 Open Sales order 4 and Closed 6 Sales Order.

Today If I filter by date(2023-08-14) then i want to see Sales Order having 7 Open and 3 Closed. and for If I filter by date (2023-08-15) then i want to see Sales Order having 4 Open and 6 Closed.

Actually I want to see the report by history.

If you try Sales Order List, Report View, Add Group , by Status and add the date column it may be somewhat close to what you are after. Give it a try and see.

In fact, any report is retrospective by definition.

(at least in a context of mandatorily tracked business transactions)

So what you want seems to be either:

  • knowing if a history of some kind of “current statistics” is recorded along with transactions or otherwise, so that it can simply be retrieved, or, if not,
  • if it is possible to replay the transactions to report the statistical state of affairs at chosen date( serie)s in the past (which, in a way, is kind of a forensic task; not necessarily understood in a criminalistic way, but in a general, business intelligence way, e.g. in order to draw diagrams of business evolution and such).


As far I know …there is not a straight way to achieve this …

I mean, Doctype should be designed for this purpose. In your example … Sales Order should contain fields to store dates (opening date, closing date, etc …) This way, reports can filter directly with status and dates. Is doable with some custom fields and scripts.

Other approach could be using Track changes. If this option is active, each document change is stored on Version Doctype … Technically you could build a report, fetching data from sales order and version to filter, but maybe it would be pretty insane :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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