Do we have to use Uom conversion if we give weight UOM & weight per unit?

Can anyone enlighten me on how does weight uom works .

Can i purchase in default uom and sell in weight uom ?

Can i purchase in default uom and sell in weight uom ?

Yes. You will have to define conversion rate from UoM to weight.

Yes, you can

The UoM in item master is for stock/inventory maintenance. You can buy/sell in different UoMs as long as you set a conversion factor.

I tried this but then how do we use weight per unit field in Item master ?

That is only used for creating Packing Slip, mostly for the exporters. This Weight per unit is fetched in the transaction and used in the Packing Slip mainly.

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Ok,so u suggest to use Uom conversion instead of weight per unit field for sack to kg conversion.right?

Yes. Use standard functionality as much possible, specially in this case.

As is in purchase side?

I was hoping to get the answer from this thread regarding the use case for weight UOM and UOM. I think this thread is no longer valid for the new versions. V12, V13 and V14?