Do you need a separate accounting program?

That’s my basic question. I’m wondering if I need a Quickbooks or something to “finalize” my accounting process. Or can I implement just ERPNext as my complete accounting system.

Will this give me what I want/for filing my USA taxes etc?


Hi Pete,
Be warned I have some strong feelings on this, BUT, I think the answer is absolutely yes. Uncle Sam wants you to complete your taxes according to his political goals (which is why we end up with the terrible chart of accounts on the Schedule C, etc), and he doesn’t care if you need to use a different chart of accounts for your business management purposes. That said, if you ONLY care about compliance, ERPNext is probably not for you. If you want to be able to examine every detail of your business with exceptional detail (with some patience as you learn this very powerful system), I’d say it’s worth trying out.
Please tell us a little about your business and why you’re considering ERPNext. What motivated your question?

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Thanks for the reply!
I had posted a long time ago about exploring ERPNext (and other programs) for using in my watch repair/making business. I haven’t progressed much on the “business” front as the learning front is still driving the bus (and my 2 little ones!)

I will soon be setting up as an LLC in the US (where I’m based). I’m a solo person, no partners nor employees, though I might use a 3rd party in a contractor basis for specialist skills.

I’m familiar with both accounting and CRM programs (Quickbooks in days gone by & Zoho CRM as of late) but a couple of years ago ERPs came across my radar and the idea seemed perfect. Parts, orders, making, services, accounting, customer oriented components.

I’m now in a more practical life-spot to be moving forward and the idea of an all-in-one is obviously attractive. I know that if I use a QB solution I would have all the end of year info to sort out taxes etc. One of my ERPNext questions is if I can handle my accounting needs inside it and eliminate the need for a separate program to extract what I would need for filing with that notorious Uncle of ours :slight_smile:

Does that explain my behind the scenes thinking? I’m still new enough at the solo bit that I haven’t had to answer these questions for myself before. And the couple of financial folks I know are heavy QB users (though open to whatever as long as the info is accurate and accessible).

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I would download the virtual box and play around with it - see if you get your most common business practices to fit with the existing framework. If after some evaluation and learning time (like maybe a couple of hours) you think it makes sense, then I’d start with a duplicate record keeping system (ERPNext and what ever you’re doing now). It’s easier for you to adapt to the software than for the software to adapt to you, but within this system, anything is possible. Good luck!


Thanks! I have actually spent quite a bit of time playing about 6 months ago (and the previous 4-5 months) and really like the system.

I am starting from scratch so I don’t have to worry about a duplicate system/data as I have none. For some reason I thought I remembered reading (could have been a year+ ago that ERPNext wasn’t ready/able to handle the full scope of accounting needs yet. From input to year end stuff. That was the driver for my question.

I did a pretty poor job at explaining that (I.e not at all) because it just dawned on me the real “why I am asking this question”.


what is the gap between what uncle Sam wants when you file income tax vs what is available in ERPNext? Thanks

I would look at thr tax form see what is required (income, expenses, diffrrence is taxable profit). Then of course you are allowed some deductions to lower that profit so you can reduce your tax liability. Irrespective of what system you use, you might want to keep a paper trial of your records. And of course irrespective of the system, you will need to record sales tax.

Should be doable and ERPNext is quite customizable for your needs. Might take about 10-20 hrs worth of work.

Best and good luck. If you need free help private message me :slight_smile: