Doc form shown to only one user

I am assigning Sales Invoice to 2 users using Role Permission Manager but it is being shown only to one user at a time. How to assign it to both so that both users can see that

Any suggestion how to override this ?

You want to assign submitted Sales Invoice document to users or else?

Particular users (in two different roles)

Have you tried with “User Permission”?
-Just search ‘User Permission List’ in awesome bar

  • Create new User permission
    -Select User, Allow= Sales Invoice, For Value= Sales invoice document number

so you can create multiple user permission.

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What if I want to allow multiple documents

Same way you can do this. But its very tedious work.
In your case:- Can user creates his own document ?
Means A user creates his own document i.e Sales invoice, SO like…
B user creates his own…

One user create the Sales Invoice and it needs to be assigned to him and two more users (of other role). Same goes for each Invoice

Any help/suggestions ??