Doc Type Insert/update/Delete Status in API

Hello All, How do you detect doc status in API. Example, if you create an item, is there a field with a date that said create by 12/12/2017 10:55 AM or if you update the same record is there a field in the web API that said last update on 12/13/2017 9:45 PM. Or his there a way to add a custom field then add dates or any other value to the customer file when the update item. Example add field update_status = β€˜U’ when the item update and P if the item was not updated.

Yes all those fields exist you don’t need to create them and are automatically updated using the user you are logged in as in your API connection

Yes. But what is the name of the table I should use in the api?

In REST API you use the name of your Doctype. You will almost never need the table name

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Thank for the feedback i fix by an issues by creating an interface table between my application and erpnext add some customer file to check before running the update in my application. Then update main table from interface table.