Docfield Link dropdown list


In a doctype we can add a docfield “Link” which allow to select with a dropdown list, a document from a certain doctype (define with the option value).

My question is how to customize information shown inside that dropdown list? I mean if you link a doctype that have a naming serie or no name at all (random name), it’s just impossible to select the willing document…

It would be nice to be able to display some field underneath the ID, or even better be able to choose which value (field) is shown inside that dropdown, and not only the ID.


Yes, you can add fields that show in the drop-down link field for the linked doctype. You can add several fields if you want (these will appear in addition to the document name, which unfortunately can’t be hidden, even if it’s an arbitrary autoname).

Just go to the linked doctype’s setup form, and add your desired field name(s) to the ‘Search Fields’ box for the doctype (this is on the doctype’s Settings tab for v15). These fields will then appear in any linked field that points to this doctype.

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I should add that it is possible to specify from which field the information will be displayed in the first line. To do this, in the settings, find the “View Settings” section, specify the field that should be displayed in the “Title Field” field, and check the “Show Title in Link Fields” box

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Simply perfect!! Many thanks guys !!

It is not always easy to understand where the settings are hidden, and what they are used for.
My understanding of the “Title Field” inside “View Setting” section was not long ago, it appears I should have push the investigation a bit further.