Docker container keeps restarting

Today, my team reported that they are unable to open our erp site.
I checked and noticed that 1 of our containers keeps restarting. I have been able to stop it and and start again after looking at a few documents online.

I have very limited knowledge on this so any help will be much appreciated. Ive been wanting to know where to check what caused this and how to resolve it. Thanks.

The site volume needs to owned by uid:gid 1000:1000

I think socketio is not able to read config files.

What are the logs for socketio container?

Thanks for looking into my question.
Here is the log for that container

Restart the Mariadb and redis containers

docker start frappe_docker_mariadb_1

Similar command to start other redis containers

So I managed to execute the command you gave and now have this additional line.
I am not sure what redis containers are, are those the other containers in my list? If not, how do I find my list of redis containers so I can restart it. Checked online what redis containers are and got me confused even more. Sorry.


docker container ls --all

You’ll get names of all containers.

Find the names of 3 redis containers and start them.

They will end with redis-cache, redis-socketio and redis-queue

Thanks for the detailed help.

Started the 3 redis.
When I checked online, I still couldnt get it to open.

Checked all the containers and started the following containers too coz noticed they were exited:

Now it is working. :slight_smile: Truly appreciate your help.

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