Docker container of ERPNext 4.0.1

Dear all,

I am looking for docker container of ERPNext v4.0.1, on docker hub there is no official release of ERPNext docker container.
So how to create docker container of ERPNext v4.0.1


Erpnext doesn’t have a maintained docker image, and the image for frappe hasn’t been maintained for over half a year. However, I have been personally been maintaining this fork of the image. The easiest way to set it up is to clone and run ./dbench --setup -u && ./dbench --setup -e inside the frappe_docker folder.

As for version 4.0.1 ERPNext is on (I believe) version 10.

HI Chabad,

Thanks for reply.

We are on older version of ERPNext i.e. on 4.0.1 so we are trying to migrate on newer version of ERPNext.

So is there any process/guidelines of creating docker container of older version of ERPNext & from where I can download the source/executable of ERPNext 4.0.1 ?

Warning: This migration will be riddled with errors.

  1. Clone the frappe_docker repository
  2. Run ./dbench --setup -u. Note: the file may need executable permissions.
  3. Run ./dbench --init sitename Note: if you do not specify a site name, it will default to site1.local.
  4. Download the 4.0.1 source
  5. Make git repository of your 4.0.1 source
  6. Run ./dbench -c get-app
  7. Run ./dbench -c --site sitename install-app name_of_the_cloned_repo
  8. Run ./dbench --start -b and navigate to localhost:8000 to make sure its working

These are just the steps to setup 4.0.1, to migrate you simply need to add a remote for and checkout to anyone of the many branches (i.e. develop for the latest changes). One other thing, the Docker image is not very prod ready, use at your own risk.

My image isn’t good for prod, as it doesn’t persist the db, but this image works fine and is maintained.