Docker ERPNEXT custom app bench command inside host or inside container , what the difference?

I have follow the guide line of building custom app for erpnext docker successfully,
officially document guideline

I have a fews questions:

  1. apps.json do I need to add all of my custom apps , or any alternative option like:
  • Can I use the command to get app or install inside the container?
    example bench get-app . or bench --site site-name install-app app1

  • or Inside host machine ,example
    docker compose --project-name erpnext-two exec backend bench --site p2.domain.come install-app app9

  1. Let get the real example , install posawesome which we need to follow the step of posawesome

    1. `bench get-app`
    2. `bench setup requirements`
    3. `bench build --app posawesome`
    4. `bench restart`
    5. `bench --site [] install-app posawesome`
    6. `bench --site [] migrate`
  2. If all I need is to add the custom apps (ex. posawesome ,insights) into apps.json then if I have an another app my_own_custom_app1, my_own_custom_app20 then I need to build docker images and push to docker hub every-times I add , correct?


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bench install-app works in container.

bench get-app doesn’t work as expected in production containers

you can only add apps through apps.json

another alternative is to copy apps into ~/frappe-bench/apps in image and run bench setup requirements && bench build --production

these steps will not work


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