Docker erpnext update

Hello everyone!!
I am using frappe docker pwd.yml for local production environment testing. bench update is not usable in that multi container stack for updating to latest version.

Will stopping the old stack and starting the stack with newer image added to the services in pwd.yml automatically update to the newer app??

Will the database be secure and compatible??

Will I have to run bench migrate in any of the container after docker compose -f pwd.yml up -d??

If yes, in which container (e.g backend, frontend etc) do I have to run this command??

And will updating after a long time to a latest image in this way while skipping multiple updates be safe???

Kindly guide.

Hi. Have you ever found anything to clarify the upgrade process? I too am trying to find out how to upgrade my installation of ERPNext under Docker.

Using Portainer I see the volumes db_data, logs, redis-cache, redis-queue & sites. Is this assets volume a separate volume or is it a combination of the previously mentioned volumes?

Then no need to do that step.
Just restart containers with new image and migrate

Not trying to sound like a noob but am still quite new with Docker. Is it just a matter of shutting down the containers, pulling the new image and then restart? Still working to understand how Docker works when upgrading existing installs.