Docker install for V12 on internal network


I am a docker newby so please forgive any irrational statements.

I have been reading this post.
installing-erpnext-in-2021/79130 ( I was going to put the link but newbies are limited to 2 links.)

and in the list that @brian_pond made, I have done (4). Manual install.
The first 2 installs were very romantic but I would like to try the docker-thing.

Also , I want to help someone else get erpnext going on an internal network. i.e. internet
is available for install , but usage will be limited to the internal network. So I would like to not
use letsencrypt.

So my goals are

  1. docker install
  2. V12.28
  3. internal network - no letsencrypt

I used this doc

The install goes without errors. I am finding some errors in the mariadb-container related to
users not been allowed to connect but I found this post and I am sure the suggestions there
will solve the problem.

My question:
I am currently getting “404 page not found” if I type in the IP address on my browser.
I suspect it is because of letsencrypt.
If I want to take out letsencrypt from my installation procedure as listed above, my
perception based on a very little that I have learned about docker over the past few days,
is for me to comment out the taefik service in the “docker-compose.yml” file ? I am hoping that
will not install letsencrypt and allow access via port 80 ??

Thank you all you kind people.

have you tried this GitHub - frappe/frappe_docker: Docker images for production and development setups of the Frappe framework and ERPNext

Thanks @revant_one. Appologies for late response. Been a bit hectic.
Let me look at suggestion. I will revert back.