Docker restore issue

I’m trying to restore my backup to the docker. I have created a site. When I create the site I can see the frappe default tables inside my database. My db container uses mariadb:10.6 image.

When I give the restore command “bench --site {site_name} restore /home/frappe/20240710_000018-app_turiyaforms_in-database.sql.gz”
while using this command I have placed my backup file inside the container in the specified absolute path.
When I do so I’m getting the following error.
MySQL root password:
ERROR at line 3: Unknown command ‘-’.
Table ‘tabDefaultValue’ missing in the restored site. Database not installed correctly, this can due to lack of permission, or that the database name exists. Check your mysql root password, validity of the backup file or use --force to reinstall

After this step It have deleted all the tables from the database.

Even I have tried with the unzip sql.gz file, This didn’t help me.

I have changed the 50-server.cnf inside with as mentioned in Table 'tabDefaultValue' missing Error When creating new site - #8 by brian_pond

innodb_read_only_compressed = FALSE
This also doesn’t help me to solve the issue.

How to restore my backup inside docker?
@revant_one Can you help me with this issue ASAP please.