Language selection and where is the github for?

Hi all,
Long ago i used to contribute on translations … but due to the slow approval and of course review by all of the language owners i have forked and translated all to my language(based on customers find, i fix the translations).

Now i see that the new version is and besides of not being able (maybe i’m don’t know) how to change the language, if there is!
Also i don’t see where can i fork and do my own translation for V13 and coming versions…

Any feedback on this i appreciate.

There is many options:

  • Customize each DocType and optionally use export-fixture (property setters: label) to make a custom app that apply your change on your customm install app.
  • Use translation embeded feature with frappe (go to translastion setup in Frappe web search awesome search bar)
  • create your custom app with a translation folder with the pt.csv file that will override standard translation
  • or ultimatly you have to change the core csv files. Some are in apps frappe (/apps/frappe/frappe/translations/pt.csv) other in app erpnext (/apps/erpnext/erpnext/translations/pt.csv)

I’ve heard that Frappe is actually working on a new translation web site for contribution

Thanks for your reply…
But my issue is not with translating the Custom Application but having access to the Manuals on GitHub and fork so they can be translated like i have done on

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I see no one from Frappe advising if will be possible to have DOCs Manuals on Github for translation like we had for V12 and i have managed to translate (my own and customers revision)!

Can we have Portuguese (Not Found) added so we can start translation and be seen by users even on REVIEW ?