DocType Association

Hi together!

I’m very happy with erpnext and i like the modules, the doctpyes and the customizing itself. But now, i’m stuck a bit. Maybe one of you could help me.

I have the Customer DocType to manage the Customer and i have a custom DocType calles “Car Rents” wich is DocType of my App “Car Renter”. So far so good.

The “Car Rents” DocType is a Table with fields: Link Customer, Select Cars and Date Fields.

Now i want to show the “Car Rents” as a Part of the Customer DocType. For now on, i always have to go to the “Car Rents” and have to Filter out the “Customer”.

Is there a way to show the DocType “Car Rents” Table as a additional Part in “Customer”? Maybe as ReadyOnly Table? For now, i have made a Custom Script wich is associated with a direkt Link to the DocType /List?customer=customer1 Its a good Idea, but it’s nicer to see the DocType “Car Rents” direct in the Customer, so i have a better overview.

Many Thanks!

Installed Apps
ERPNext: v12.21.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.18.1 (version-12)
Car Renter: v0.0.1