Doctype Check box doubts

What is the use of check box 1. In Dialog, 2. Show Print First, 3. Hide Heading, 4. Hide Toolbar, 5. Hide Copy.
Can you please say with an snapshot.

Hi, In frappe version -4
–if you “Hide Toolbar” then ,you can see all icon get hide i.e print, linked with, Reload page,Attachment etc.

– if you “Hide Copy” then you can not see option as “Copy” which is inside File menu or create copy .
take example of Submitted Sales order
open that sales order
Go to File menu
you can not see “Copy” option

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hi Thanks for your reply, u have shown in V4 then it is not present in V5.
Then what for In dialog, show print first, hide heading.

Actually , “Hide Tool bar” , “Hide Copy” also working for V-5
In V-5,
-if yo check,when you “Hide Toolbar” then Left hand side all details/link get Hide.

-when You “Hide Copy” then you can see inside “Menu” button there is no “copy” option