Doctype Connections mismatch with Tabs

Hi all!

After upgrading to Frappé/ERPNext version 14 and started using the new DocType Tab field which is great when it comes to dividing long forms into managable sections!

But now, the connections section which always used to be first, now shows up within random tabs. Sometimest the 2nd tab in one doctype, but in another shows up in the thrid tab. Is there any way I can force the connections sections to go into the first tab, or better yet on the very top?


good idea

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thanks, but is there a way or a configuration i am missing?? I looked through the entire doctype to figure out where the Connections Block position is configured, but no idea.

If anyone knows, please let the rest of us know!!

hello did you a way to move the connections on the top? Thanks!


Try Doctype Layout Feature where you can change standard doctype field position

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Yeah, I used the doctype layout but it goes with the activity section but I’ll just add a script to hide the activity section. Thanks @Hardik_Gadesha

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