Doctype fetch explain

I have a very simple and short question :slight_smile:
i need a short fetch from explanation.
How do I manage to get a link data from another doctype in one doctype?

i have a doctye customer, each customer has different serial numbers stored. when i select the customer, i only want to see the serial numbers that are stored with this customer. but i always get all serial numbers displayed.
does someone have a tip? Thank you for your help

Check the following video and follow the steps:

In brief:

  1. Open customize form where you need the data to be pulled.
  2. Ensure there’s a customer link field available.
  3. Create a field where you want to pull the serial number.
  4. In this new field’s fetch from section, add the following:


  1. Inside of fetch from, you have to enter the name of the link field, and then the name of the field from where you want to pull the data. The above example assumes your customer’s field name is customer, and there’s a field called serial_number which holds the information you need to pull.

thx 4 help,

when i make read only, i dont see the field :frowning:

my doctype is “geraetedb” the field " wm_kunde"

first row, i make Option geraetedb
secound row Option geraetedb fetch from geraetedb.wm_kunde and make it read only

I have a mistake :frowning:

in this video, is “User” another doctype? here is all in one Doctype

has probably taken care of :slight_smile:

I specified the data directly in a doctype. My head still has to understand that it is not a data query but a data memory :slight_smile:

I have to see how I create a form to simply request data: =)

And how I can filter the link with eval would also be interesting;)

Thanks for your help