DocType: Filter Link objects within the options

I am trying to filter the linked field within the docType, is there a way within the options to filter the linked document?

My first thought is:

Maybe the syntax is incorrect or frappe/erpnext is unable to perform these actions on a document.

Can someone tell me if this is possible or do I have to write additional functions to filter it?

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Options for a Link field only takes a DocType name, your special syntax won’t work.
You will have to write custom function to filter it.
Search for set_query in JS files, you’ll see lots of examples.

Thank you for that, I hoped that I could filter the linked item directly from the Document Type like I can do with other frameworks.

I think we can have this feature in the framework, can you open a github issue describing the feature ? Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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I just wanted to check if this had changed in the last 2.5 years. Is it now possible to set Link field filters in the doctype settings directly?