Doctype form explanation


i want to create new doctype, but i dont know some attribute means, please explain it , what is it

  1. Document type
  2. isSingle (what was the different between checked or not, where i can set the relationship with another table?)
    3.Custom? (what is this check box used for?)



Models are called DocType and DocType are made of fields call DocField.
You may refer Not Found for detailed overview.

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KB for Single Types

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@rmehta @anand
can you please more detail about Document type?
i.e Master = ?; Transaction = ? ; System = ?; Others = ?


  • Master = Documents that will be used in transactions like Item, Customer, Account, Company, etc.
  • Transaction = Documents that will be created frequently and that usually are tracked using a date and/or time, and have a sequential numbering.
  • System = Documents that affect the functioning of Frappe as a system like User, Global Defaults, Stock Settings etc.
  • Others = Those that don’t fall in the above categories like Production Planning Tool.

@anand great thanks for your explanation.
Hope I can go further more :smile:

Glad to help. :smile:

what was custom? checkbox used for ?

Yes I have been wondering what the custom? checkbox is for as well.

Custom is unused as of now. We plan to allow Custom DocTypes in v5 - maybe will use for that.

Hi metha,

thanks for the explamation, and how about generating names?, is there any function to do that?..i want to inserting values to another table when a doctype is submited, so i need to generate the name field.

and for inserting we still wil use frappe.db.sql function right?