DocType Item Default not found

Hello Everyone,

When trying to create a Item Group, I am getting the following error:

DocType Item Default not found

Can anyone please help?

Hi @TerranceDevor,

bench migrate
bench clear-cache

please apply and check.

If not work then use this command.

bench update
bench migrate


Thank you for the response NCP, I am new to ERPNext. Can we apply that command within the platform? Or does it have to be in the CLI?

ERPNext install on which platform?
localhost , frappe cloud …?

We have it deployed in a docker container.

I see a lot of potential with this product, need some consulting help with someone experienced to support our use case / business.

Hello @revant_one sir,

any suggestion for it for help on the docker side.


I’m blown away by this community. You guys are really great!

I need some ERPNext consulting service to customize our ERPNext instance to support our business as a Managed Services Provider (Service Company). Can someone capable of getting us up and running quickly please reach out to me.

@revant_one, I just sent you an email.