DocType Level changes not get populated while fetching from GIT


I have created an APP.

For pushing changes to app, i used following steps

  1. git status
  2. git add .
  3. git commit -a -m"commit message"
  4. git push origin master

while pulling changes to app, i have used following step

  1. git pull origin master

After pulling the updates, I noticed that code was updated but no field level changes and permissions were updated.

Please let me know, what exactly I am doing wrong while pulling updates for app.


Permissions are not updated in pulls

If you want to reset pemissions you can do

bench frappe reset-perms

Hi Rushabh,

Thank You, I am facing one more issue, after pulling updates, no fields, reports or doctypes were get created.
I am using “git pull origin master command” for fetching updates on app

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