DocType name can include accent words?


Here in my Country, we use accent… so, my question is: Frappe is prepared to deal with Accent Words in DocType name?

For example: Estação

So… if I use accent words, frappe can crash?



@fellipeh, this answer is easy! Due frappe use python2x Not! Because the names are directly parsed to the class name

Edit: But frappé fails to parse all accents too! So you can put it in the UI, but the code crash

@max_morais_dmm I see…

Maybe, using UTF-8 resolve these “problem” ?

@fellipeh frappé already supports utf-8, the issue, is that frappe use the value of the doctype name to generate the python class and in version 2.x unicode is not supported in namespaces

I see… maybe, create a new “description” for these doctype… use these description to show doctype instead doctype name?

@fellipeh I dont know! In the past I proposed a fix for fieldnames and doctype names, but it was rejected! Maybe @rmehta can told why!

@max_morais_dmm Ok, I understand… It’s really good to build something like that… for all language that use accent words…

@max_morais_dmm which PR?

@rmehta Normalize fieldname from label by MaxMorais · Pull Request #1448 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


I guess I forgot of resend it!
I’ll rewrite it if you is able to accept, but I want know where I need clean the names
The places that I remember:

DocType name,
DocField fieldname
Page name
Report name
Module Def name
Custom Field fieldname

Any other?

@max_morais_dmm looks good. Can you resend?

@anand will have a look at it.

Hi fellows. Is there still no correct exportation to fields with accent words?

Happy New Year