Doctype name conflict

I have build an app in erpnext . This is my custom app and it consist of some doc types . While building the same I build a doc type named “Salary Structure” . But There is already a salary structure in built . I came to know it now . Because when I was building my salary structure it didn’t give me any error message .
My salary structure is linked with many doc types in my custom app .
So my problem is If I have to change my custom doc type name everywhere it will be a nightmare for me .
Two doc type of same name but in different app . Will it give any conflict while going to update erpnext ?
Can any one suggest any solution to the issue .

Could we know the use case for a custom app, maybe the default ERPNext Salary Structure can handle it? It maybe better to send a pull request into the core if you are building something generic

Sir ,

In our custom app we build a Wage calculation module ( calculating salary for daily rated labor ) . The salary structure was build for that purpose only .

As workaround, you could upload timesheets on a daily basis by setting up rates & then generate salary slips from them. If you are intent on using custom app, then you may have to rename your doc types using Rename Doctype functionality.

Sir ,

Can you please give me brief idea about rename doc type functionality .

I just tried using the rename functionality. You can find it “menu” pull down list when you are editing your doctype. Renaming was able to correctly modify Link fields I had pointing to the doctype that was renamed.

I assume if you have any scripts referring to the doctype, you will have to modify those manually.

Thank You so much .