Doctype New Field Request: Dynamic Tables

First off, I wouldn’t ask for this except for the fact I will pay to have it done and pretty much every doctype I make I would use this feature.

It is called “Dynamic Table”

Basically it is report list view or a child table or a html table. It would load in records based on the search or filtered properties you add to it when you add it to a doctype.

Each item can be clicked and linked to each record, and sortable and certain fields could be editable.

It is a half way step to creating custom dashboards because you are creating the ability to see multiple doctype list view in a single view and have them sorted or filtered based upon predefined inputs or by user inputs.


@joshreeder what is the use case?


@rmehta Disagree. I think most of what Josh is talking about is being actively developed now as the Grid for Reportview. The additional functionality is (1) more than doctype, (2) links to the records in the view, (3) and ability to return to that same set of information, so many it’s it’s own doctype with individual records of the filters, etc.