Doctype options field

hello, how can i use for example from the sales order the field of the contact address in the sales invoice, i want to link it so when i make from a sales order, a sales invoice will get same values that is specified in the SO. i tried to link the customer address.
i choose as a type LINK, and in the option field i want to link it to the sales order customer_address, i tried so many syntaxe but it keep telling “Options must be a valid DocType for field Customer Address”.
so can someone help me, how the syntaxe should be to link a field in the SI from the SO so it can get the details directly from there?

I think you should make invoice from Sales Order directly rather than trying to enter details manually. All these details will be mapped from SO to SI:

Here is an example from This is one Sales Order, you can see there is Customer Address mentioned already:

Now you click on Make and then Invoice:

This new invoice as you see has the customer address already mapped:

So no manual entry required.

i know this, and when i make like that a SI from a SO, the customer address changes and it dont take it as mentioned in the SO

Very strange. Can you notice any other changes ?

Also does that customer have multiple addresses ?

@root13F , so here’s an example:
this is my sales order, i wanted to remove the customer address (the billing)and keep the shipping one, but even when i remove it and save the SO, the name will still appear but the address disappear. after that i make a DN or a SI from it, it will take the billing address and add it.
so how can i solve this? i mean when i remove the billing from the SO and save it, to remove it totally plus dont add it to the next SI or DN.

sorry for hiding some confidential information!

Sales Document will need the billing document and Delivery document like Delivery Note will need the Shipping Address. Seems nothing wrong