Doctype Permission Error

Hi all,
I have a doctype name as ‘Feedback’ and i given permissions in Permissions Rules under the doctype . I try to login user vice but its shown insufficient perm error. Kindly help anyone.

Any update…

Check if there are any user permissions applied on fields that exist in the Feedback form? For example, if the Feedback form has a field called “User” which is linked to the user doctype. And if the user has user permissions applied on the doctype == “User”, then you will get the insufficient perm error.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for rly @michelle,
I gave permissions for linked doc also , these perms had under the doc but its not reflect role permission manager tats y its shown perm error. pls tell me how to solve this

Check “User Permission List”, and see if there is any user permission applied to any of the linked documents.
Also could you please send a screenshot of the error message? Would help us to understand the issue at hand.

I checked user permission list here no perms applied . Ex - I given read access for RMPM Manager under the doctype then i login as rmpm mgr its shown does not access for this specification doctype(Read perm err). My issue is perms given under doc but its shown error then i try to given perm in Role Permission mgr its working fine …but i have doubt specification is a our doctype so i gave perms under the doc why i need to give role perm mgr??