DocType POS Offer Detail not found


I’m getting this error “DocType POS Offer Detail not found” after uninstalling “POS Awesome” app. The error pops up when I access “Sales Invoice” & “Account receivable” option.

try this
1.bench migrate
2.bench build

Hi Praveen,

My App is hosted on frappe cloud. So, can’t run the commands.

Reinstall pos awesome.

Hello Sandeep, I tried reinstalling also. It doesn’t work. I’m keeping the pos awesome app hidden. It’s the best way to move on.

Try to reinstall.

I’ve decided to keep the app as it is and not use it since installing and uninstalling it gave too much trouble. I have already created many sales invoices after that. It could be a bug, maybe the system depends on it.

The issue is likely a custom link field that didn’t get deleted on uninstall. If you go to the custom field doctype list and search for fields with options=“POS Offer Detail”, you should be able to find and delete the custom fields that got left behind

Thank you for the information @peterg . I tried your suggestion but there’s no such custom field. I uninstalled the app again and now a new error popped up while accessing “sales invoice” or “accounts receivable”.