Doctype Purchase Invoice duplication

Hi All, please I need some help!

I am trying to duplicate a doctype with all its functions.
Specifically, I need a doctype that works exactly the same as Purchase Invoice, saving in General Ledger and all.

Is there a way to automatically duplicate the doctype incluiding functions in Python and JavaScript?.

Thank you for your help!

You should be able to copy the code directly from the Purchase Invoice folder. Can you explain what your usage case is?

Hello Ben,

What I need is a Reimbursement Invoice Doctype, which must have exactly the same functions as Purchase Invoice (Example: saving the invoice values to General Ledger when submitting), with just a couple of DATA fields that show some info, but without any additional specific function.

I tried to copy the python and js code from purchase invoice, changing some names from Purchase Invoice to Reimbursement Invoice, but I get an Import Module error when accessing to the Reimbursement Invoice List. For this reason, I was wondering if there is other method for Duplicating a Doctype, or what should be done in order to copy code directly from Purchase Invoice folder.