Doctype Restoration from Deleted Document

Hi, I’m trying to restoring the deleted doctype from deleted document but i can’t able to restore the shown error as could not find any doctype:Payment Entry (I have deleted the Payment Entry Doctype now i am trying to restore it)

share screenshots

oh you deleted the entire doctype , so you messed with the system core. you have to reset the default updates , this will delete any modifications you did to the core.

How can we reset the default updates?anybody knows?

Can Anyone Explain??

@Pradeep_Manoharan use the command

bench update --reset

Thanks for your Reply.when i run this command my local host is shown as The system is being updated. Please refresh again after a few moments. (I waited more than 30 mins)

@Pradeep_Manoharan but is the command completed running ?

Yes ,It’s Completed.

@Pradeep_Manoharan open sites and your site folder than edit site_config . add this line :


then run bench restart