Doctype script location

I have created doctypes like Cycle, Cycle item and Cycle table in Manufacturing module, but I can’t find the .py file in the directory (apps\erpnext\erpnext\manufacturing\doctype). Kindly suggest me.
I am using virtual machine.

Hi @santosh_baburao,

It should be available in apps\erpnext\erpnext\manufacturing\doctype directory.
please make sure that you have unchecked the Custom option in Doctype.

Thanks, Makarand

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Thanks Makarand_b,
I have tried to uncheck the custom option but it gives error as follows:
“Not in Developer Mode! Set in site_config.json or make ‘Custom’ DocType.”
Please tell me whether to edit the, where to find it?

Hi @santosh_baburao,

You can find the site_config.json in


Or you can use bench command to set the developer_mode

bench --site your_sitename set-config developer_mode 1

Thanks, Makarand

for running the command mode it gives error but I can access the first option. the file contains no such option to set developer mode to ‘on’. could you please help me.

Thanks Makarand,
Now I can do that.