Doctype Table - need ability to search for and add

When you create a “Table” based field for a DocType it looks like the only option you have is to create an object in that table. Is it possible to have the ability to search for an item, which is then added to the table? I am using Links in other places but they seem to apply only to link a single object to the current object.

As per the current design, you will have to create a separate DocType for the table. There is no work-around.

Thanks for responding so quickly. Is it possible in Python to use the Link field type as a “virtual” or proxy relationship for the actual relationship represented by the table?

Yes you can override the link query


You can manually add an autocomplete

see example:

Hello, i have a doctype(A) which is used as a link field in a lot of doctypes, instead of overriding the link query in every doctype which the doctype(A) is being used as a link field, how can just set a global query, such that whenever that doctype(A) is being used as a link field, that query kicks in