Doctype tables in DB

i created a custom module "ticketing system " and two Doctypes in it i search about my doctypes tables in DB by "show tables;"but don’t found it , how i can get these tables.

That’s not possible. Check whether you are searching in the same site (db) where you have created.

run bench --site site_name mysql from frappe-bench directory and check your newly created doctype.

Hello @Mohamed_khalifa

Can you tell us how you created your doctypes? Is your site in developer mode and is this a development setup?

By the way, the table name for doctypes usually begin with tab so if you have a doctype named Sample Doctype, the DB table name will be tabSample Doctype.

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tnx i found it

@Mohamed_khalifa, you’re welcome. :slight_smile: I’ll close the thread so that other users know this has been solved.