DocType to pull data from Manufacture Stock Entry and Production Order

We can use Manufacture Stock entry as it contains the raw material and finished goods. How do I create a doctype which pulls data from manufacture stock entry based on finished goods batch number? We need it in a certain format so we can just take a printout and submit to department.


Can you share the required print format? Did you try creating print format on manufacture entry using Print Format Builder?

Hello Umair,
The print format is as follows:

  1. S. No.
  2. Name of Product
  3. Batch Size
  4. Batch No.
  5. Date of Commencement & Date of Completion of Manufacture
  6. Name of Ingredients, Qty Required, Qty Used, Batch No
  7. Control Ref Nos.
  8. Ref. to Analytical Reports
  9. Actual Production & Packing Particulars
  10. Date of Release for Sale
  11. Signature

S. No. 8, 10 and 11 will be entered manually. We need only the title to be

          We have not yet prepared from print format builder.

Mehul B. Mehta