Doctype view settings


i create a doctype and link it to other doctype…
but if i edit the view settings for the doctype. the other doctype that link to the first doctype will not showing the correct view settings for that doctype

is this a bug or i have to do other procedure to update the view?

Please clear your question.
Provide details.

Here is what i mean

doc one

doc two

this is doc one value

doc two get link from doc one

if i change the doc one view settings to
title field = sub_title
search field = title

the link value on doc two still showing
title field = title
search field = sub_title

Change auto name to Subtitle
Title field to Subtitle
Search field to Title.

still the same.

So, it is fine? isn’t it? what you want to do please explain?


when changing view settings will not make the old data to follow the new view settings