Doctype Web view Error

I created a webview for a Doctype but i get this text in the page.
how do i remove this text?
if possible someone suggest me how do i remove the " myaccount/ " link also that is in the screenshot above.
The row template is empty as in the screenshot.

check the page python file

here’s the python file

check this

you can overwrite Jinja Blocks

like adding into HTML file
{% extends “templates/web.html” %}
{% block header %}

my stuff and data or even leave it empty
{% endblock %}

where does the hcil_row.html inherit from?
there’s no " {% extends %} " in the html as in the screenshot. its completely empty and yet i’m seeing that random line.

same issue, any solution?

Same issue too.

I can’t fix it.

I have added temporally the next line

context.title = doctype