Document Creator & submitter

Hello bro,

in the stock entry report, how can I print the one who submitted the document.

I found this
{% set u = frappe.get_doc(“User”, doc.owner) %}
Created by {{ u.full_name }}

I want to add the same for the submitter
Submitted by {{ ??? }}


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ERPNext don’t track the user that submitted the document, but track the last that modified!

Most of the submitted documents don’t allow updates, so, you can rely on doc.modified_by to determine who submitted the document

In more complex cases, you can fetch from the DocType comments, the Submit event for the specific record.

And from there determine who submitted also


A lot of thanks mr. max_morais
I got the point and that really helped me to generate the report that I want.

thanks again

could you please post the solution
It could really be helpful for someone needy
Thanks and Regards