Document link from Work Order to stock Entry for Serial Nos

Good day

Would like to ask for some assistance in creating a document link between Work Order
and stock entry

To have a link in the link section that links to the serial numbers of the items used in the
work order and the item produced in the WO. There is already a link called “Serial No” under
the heading “Reference” but this does not seem to work. So I want to create my own.

I have done links before but not to child tables.

Stock Entry has a Wo field so I can link to that from Work Order
The child table is called Stock Entry Detail and has a field called serial_no

I have tried the following:
Link Doctype = Stock Entry
Link fieldname = work_order
Table fieldname = serial_no

but this just creates a link to the stockk entries

The way I look at it , is that it WO must link to “work_order” on “Stock Entry” and pick
up “serial_no” from the child table. How Would I do this? Please, would appreciate
some assistance.