Document Management System on ERPnext

Hello Team

DO we have any available module module we can use DMS to have these below options.

  1. Uploading of Policies and other documents.
  2. Restricting access like editing and Printing
  3. Sharing to non ERPnext Users for viewing purpose

Any other that you would like to suggest or add

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Try this Seafile - Open Source File Sync and Share Software if you are looking for a full fledged DMS which does not require other ERP modules

I am looking something to be used in ERPnext itself. Make ERPnext as my central software

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How about we build something ourselves???

Or integrate ERPNext with it ? It’s open source …ERPNext CANNOT be everything

True. How about alfresco?

At the moment i found alot of things in and implemented with ERPNExt, did not expect CANNOT word from Foundation. Anyways we are into healthcare and wanted to have the same in the ERP itself… Integration and all makes no sense

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If you are willing to fund the project then we can do that for you


Welcome aboard ERPNext Xerxes00000

“ERPNext CANNOT be everything”

Yes to be sceptical is healthy @olamide_shodunke

So can we expect you to sign up?

For sure healthcare is top priority all over the planet…

@Xerxes00000 have you found any solution for document management system with ERPNext. I am from education institute, our requirements are similar. @asoral I am willing to work on this project, I wish to know, wheather someone else is also working on similar project. Is there is any repository available where developer’s proposals are available.

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Check the NextCloud integration with ERPNext. Information is on the forum. Search for it. That would help.

there is a file manager. just search for file list

Yes but its nor the same as a Document Management System. You should be able to see the version. Would be nice if doc files are converted to pdf, if there is a workflow for releasing new versions.

I would really like to see it in ERP Next. Unfortunately, I can’t contribute in programming.
Is there a new status available? Did a project start?