Document Management System


Just had a play around with the Document management system and its great. Re-useing existing code keeps ERPNext fast and lean. Also love the drop and drag file from desktop. The speed at which Frappe Tech is adding new features is amazing. Maybe I’m missing something obvious, But is it possible to attach any of these documents to say an outgoing customer email? So navigate to a Customer, Create an email to them, Then instead of attach file from desktop have a second option to attach a file from the Document Management folder?

Great :smile:

Playing around with this, I deleted the Attachments folder. Now uploading doesn’t work, even though I made a new attachments folder. Is there any way to fix this? And maybe the Attachments folder shouldn’t be delete-able?

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Testing File Manager

  1. I added a file.pdf as a system user
  2. No permissions are set
  3. logged out
  4. visited and file can be downloaded

github Issue?
related issue Security issue regarding email file attachments · Issue #927 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Everyone / thanks for testing!

@cpurbaugh thanks for reporting this, just pushed a validation not to delete the Attachments folders :smile:

@revant_one yeah we have not yet implemented private files yet (its been in our list for a while and we have also figured out the specs). Your folder will not be accessible, so the user will have to guess the file name.

Does the document system supports non-ansi file names?

ş-ğ-ç-İ-ç-ö (special chracters) caused problems such as,

dropbox upload errors and broken links. Normally other cms and hr systems replaced those special names in the upload process.

For example, sentrifugo replaces special characters so that they will not cause issues.


It concerned me as well. However, no one will able to find the file because they dont know the name.

@rmehta is this already implemented in community version (via bench update)?

@jlx Its there on develop branch of Frappe · GitHub

bench switch-to-develop

*use this command on development bench and not on production bench.

bench switch-to-develop and bench update --patch
made my system unusable with message. “Updating. We will be back in a few moments…”
Error in ssh is here

Yeah I’m getting the Updating. We will be back in a few moments… also when I’ve done a bench update.

@jlx, @eamonn Just pushed a fix. Try bench update again.

@rmehta thanks for replying. can you check if this error is still recoverable?

@rmehta Is there any way to repair the file structure without reinstalling from scratch?

Also, I noticed that when deleting files, they are not actually removed from the server.

@cpurbaugh what do you mean by “repair”

AFAIK, Files will be deleted if they are not attached to any document.

Well, after deleting the Attachments folder, and recreating it, we still cannot attach files. I was hoping there was some way of making the new Attachments folder act like the original.

Set is_attached_folder as 1 (maybe from backend)

I was able to change it by customizing the form, and unhiding the is _attached_folder field. Thanks!